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What is Salvation?

The dictionary defines salvation as the act of saving or being protected from harm or loss. In the spiritual sense, salvation is the act of God providing the opportunity for us to be saved and protected from an eternity in hell.

God created all things. He created heaven and hell. Most importantly, God is the gatekeeper of both places. When your life on this earth he created is over, God will place you in either heaven or hell.

If you do not choose to follow God and his plan that he gave you, then he has only one place to send you, and that is hell. If he sends you to any other place when your life is over he would be an untrustworthy liar. All people who are born are destined to spend their eternity in hell, God told us that. We are destined for hell because of sin in our life. Sin is thinking or doing something that God does not want us to do. Just one thought, one act of us doing something in our life that we like and that God does not like is enough for God to send us to hell forever. God told us that.

God also told us that he has provided a way for us to be saved and protected from hell. God's way for us to escape hell is to follow his plan of salvation for us. God's plan of salvation takes away the punishment we deserve because of sin in our life. God's plan cleans us from the history of our sin and makes us worthy to be accepted into heaven when our life on earth is over.

You can be saved from hell and guaranteed a place in heaven when you die. God told us that.

How can I be saved?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.