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Why am I here on Earth?

Why are you here? Why are you living? Where will you be in 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, for eternity? These are perhaps the most important questions you should ask. The answer can be found all around you. The sun and moon, the stars and planets, the complexities on earth all indicate that they did not occur by accident. The concept of evolution that some have come up with is an evasive stance by those who do not want to consider the reality that all things are part of a grand design by the master planner, God.

And knowing that God has placed everything here, including you, one should wonder why? And one should consider that if God has placed us here, he would communicate to us the reason. Of course he has, and he has preserved the words of this communication throughout the history of man. He has provided this communication to you through the Bible.

We encourage you to read it, after all, God intended it for you. What will you tell the almighty God after this life is over? I didn't have any time to read it? I was so busy doing things for me that I did not have time for you? Really, can you think of any excuse that God would accept for a reason not to read his explanation and instructions for why he put you here?

Just in case you do not have a Bible we will summarize our situation below:

  • God created everything.
  • God placed you here.
  • You are here only for a short time.
  • When you die you will immediately and eternally be in either heaven or hell.
  • Only perfect people can enter God's presence in heaven.
  • One thing in your life that you did that God is not pleased with makes you imperfect.
  • Only perfect people can enter God's presence in heaven.
  • We need a savior to keep us from going to hell.
  • God provided His son Jesus Christ as our savior.
  • Jesus Christ took all of our punishment for our actions by dying on the cross.
  • God showed that His sacrifice was acceptable by raising Jesus from the dead.
  • God said that if we trust in Jesus, His Son, that we are made perfect in His sight.
  • While on earth you have the opportunity to accept Jesus as your savior.
  • Only perfect people can enter God's presence in heaven.

    Now some people try to be good and earn the right to be in heaven. Remember, one thing done in your life that God is not pleased with makes you imperfect and sends you to hell. You cannot erase the record of one bad thing you have done. You cannot cover it up. You live with it, and will die with it, and you will have eternal torment in hell with it.

    Since this one displeasing thing you have done in your life (which we call sin) is a permanent mark against you, and we can't erase it or cover it up it would seem that we have no hope. But God provided a way to get to heaven, through Jesus Christ. This is God's way, the only way. Do you think that if the almighty God, the God who created everything we see by just speaking it into existence, if this almighty God came up with a plan to save us from hell, that we could get there some other way? When we see him after this life is over do you think he would be receptive to our own personal plans? Can you imagine God saying, "Well I came up with the way to heaven through the completed work of my Son Jesus, but your way seems just as good to me, come on in!" Or can you imaging God saying, "Gee, I wish I would have thought of that way!" I can't, and I don't believe you can either.

    There is one way to heaven, Jesus Christ. There is one time to take it, right now. Trust in God's way to heaven, Jesus Christ, by confessing that he is Lord of all creation and Lord of your life, and that God raised Him from the dead after taking the punishment for your sins. By trusting in Jesus you are immediately and irrevocably saved from hell! You are free to live your life in a way pleasing to God, with his help and strength. By trusting in Jesus you are part of God's family. He desires an intimate relationship with you, to help you, to care for you, and to offer opportunities for you to serve Him. By trusting in Jesus you are part of the Church, his group of saved Christians living throughout earth. He desires for you to interact with other members of the family, that you may collectively care for and nurture each other, and collectively worship Him.

    This summary is just the beginning of a fantastic life of being one of God's children. The invitation is there for you to become a member even now.

    How Can I Be Saved?

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.