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Your Family

Children, parents, in-laws, relatives, all require our investment.

With children some of the rewards can only be seen after many years of input. This
section will help you make good investments early to maximize your return after
experiencing all those growing years.

What is my role as a parent?

Legally it is providing for the financial, physical and educational needs until your child reaches the age of majority which in most states is at 18. But being a good parent involves so much more. Your principal role should be preparing the child to be an adult, preparing your child to be a quality contributor to his community, wherever that might be. This involves their spiritual, mental and emotional sides. Introduce them to God and be aware of how you are demonstrating how to live for him. Help them to reach their potential in learning about the life around them and helping them to develop their reasoning skills. Let them know they are loved by how you treat them and care for them.

Enjoy the time with them while you can. Your role is to prepare them to leave and live on their own. As you invest in them when they are small, you will profit by a continuing and rewarding relationship when they have grown and have left the nest.
Parents, in-laws and grandparents
What is my relationship to my extended family?

What is my relationship to my Church family?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.