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What does your credit card really cost you?

When you finance purchases with a credit card you are aware that it costs you more in the long run. How much more? Enter your figures in the form below and click "Calculate" to see how much those extended payments will cost you.

Amount to Finance

Enter the amount that the item costs.
Interest Rate

Enter the annual interest rate. (e.g. 18% is 18, 15.5% is 15.5)
Minimum payment (whichever is higher)
$ or %

Enter the minimum dollar amount and percentage that you will pay each month. Typically minimum payments for credit cards are $10 or 2% of the balance whichever is higher. You may enter a dollar amount without a minimum percentage.

Months to pay off Years to pay off Interest you will pay
0 $

You will pay $0 in 0 years for something that was only worth $1000.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.