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Investing in the Market

Investing is generally governed by your comfort in taking risks and the length of time you have before you need to sell your investments. Enter your data in the form below and we will offer a basic portfolio for you to consider.

Risk Categories
Enter the percentage of your investments that you would be comfortable with in each of the risk categories. The total should be 100%.
% Category
Preservation - Seek to preserve the value of investments by purchasing the safest investments like government bonds and certificates of deposit. Potential for gain or loss is low (gains average 4%), price volatility is low.
Between Preservation and Conservative (gains typically 4-8%)
Conservative - Seek to grow value by investing in the large, long-established, and well-known companies. Potential for gain or loss is moderate (gains average 10%), price volatility is moderate. Losses may take years to recover.
Between Conservative and Aggressive
Agressive - Seek to grow value by investing in any company that may increase more than average. Potential for gain or loss is greatest (over 11%), price volativity is high. Losses may never be recovered.

The length of time you have for your investments.
Enter your current age.
Enter the age at which you would like to begin taking your money out.

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