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Comparing the Major Diets

Why are there so many diets that come and go? It is because nobody has got it correct just yet. Bodies are different and respond differently to various foods, but in general we believe that the best diet you can be on is a healthy eating pattern that you will be able to easily follow for the rest of your life. Part of success is desire, do you want to have a slim and trim figure or would you rather just eat? If you are not committed to reducing or maintaining a good figure then you don't need to read up on diets. But if you are seriously committed to good health we feel it is worth reading the diets below:

Diets Member Rating

Atkins Diet A 4-Phase diet developed by Dr. Atkins
1 - Restrict carbohydrate consumption
2 - Add carbohydrates until weight loss stops
    then reduce them
3 - Add carbohydrates so long as very gradual
    weight loss is maintained
4 - Lifetime control of carbohydrate intake

Slim Fast Diet Eat calorie-controlled meal and snack replacements with other foods in a healthy plan to help you reduce your caloric intake

South Beach Diet A 3-Phase diet developed by Dr. Agatston
1 - Banish Cravings, eliminate bad carbs
2 - Reintroducing Carbs
3 - A Diet For Life
      Eating normal foods in normal-size portions
      (Phase 3 is similar to The Zone Diet)

Weight Watchers Program based on meetings and food point values

Zone Diet - Sears

Zone Perfect
Eat balanced meals, developed by Dr. Sears
40% Carbohydrates
30% Protein
30% Fats

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